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Meditation (with Audio Download) by Brian Weiss

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Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Your Life
Includes a Meditation Audio Download

On the Back of the Book:
Dr Brian Weiss has written a very special book to help with the practice of meditation (an audio download is also included to guide you through the process). Meditation: Achieving Inner Peace and Tranquility in Your Life includes the techniques Dr Weiss uses on his patients, many of whom have conquered insomnia, anxiety, phobias, weight issues and disease. Meditation can also lower blood pressure, strengthen the immunological system and reduce stress.

Meditation is a technique that can be used to experience peace, tranquility and an inner beauty, leading us to rethink everything around us, even ourselves. It prompts us to trust in the ability we have to use and direct our energies to purify our bodies and minds... so that we can discover and develop our spirituality.

As Dr Weiss says, 'It all starts by closing our eyes, relaxing our muscles, and slowing down our breathing. Little by little, we ask our minds to block out the clamouring voices that usually bombard it... this means living this moment intensely, letting go and surrendering.' This book is the first step on a more peaceful, relaxing journey through life.

Number of Pages: 57 (Paperback)

Read the first 33 pages of Meditation here:

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Brian Weiss
Brian L. Weiss, M.D., the best-selling author of Many Lives, Many Masters and several other books, is a psychiatrist who lives in Miami, Florida, where he maintains a private practice. In addition, Dr. Weiss conducts national and international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals.

Brian L. Weiss

Dr. Weiss is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, and is the former Chairman of Psychiatry at the Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

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Meditation (with Audio Download) - Brian Weiss
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(Review of Old Edition with CD)
The appeal of this meditation CD, beyond the title, is that it lasts 20 minutes, which I find to be an achievable amount of time to set aside for a daily meditation routine. I appreciate the calming quality of Brian Weiss voice and the background music is expansive and soothing. The experience that Weiss has gained through years of hypnotherapy practise, I imagine, enhances his ability to deliver what is to me a very authentic guided meditation. It enabled me to reach deeper levels of relaxation and peace than I have experienced for a while. I feel that this set would be great for anyone who is new to meditation, for those finding it difficult to meditate and also for those who are focussing on their own healing, as there is a lot of self-healing emphasis contained within.

The hard-backed book that accompanies the CD is a short 30 minute read and is nicely presented with some calming pictures. I especially liked that it includes the transcript of the meditation. The book begins with an introduction explaining what meditation is and includes short chapters such as 'happiness is in the present', 'using meditation to overcome our conflicts', and also about using meditation to heal our bodies, for spiritual development and to know ourselves better.

During the meditation the listener is encouraged to bring down a coloured light of their choosing for self-healing, and increasingly is taken down to deeper and deeper levels of relaxation and peace. The listener is led to a garden and there is also a part where healing for others is sent and another section where we meet a wise and loving being and receive messages. Within 20 minutes there's a lot covered, but it......more

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