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Welcome to our sale page! On this page you will find products that are discounted more than normal. Many of our lines are discounted anyway, but on this page you will find the temporary offers. The newest offers added will appear nearest to the top of the page. We hope you find something you like!

  • Guardian Angel Bracelet
  • Protected by Angels - Earth Angel Coin
  • Angel Blessing Coin
  • CD: Reiki Gold by Llewellyn
  • CD: Natural Sounds Gold by Llewellyn
  • Angel of Courage Coin
  • Angel Wing Keyring
  • Angel Star Figurine (9 Inch)
  • Amethyst & Clear Quartz Bracelet (Chunky Chips)
  • Guardian Angel Wing Keyring
  • Eye of Horus Ring (Sterling Silver)
  • Angel Hope / Wisdom Coin
  • Hand Fasting Ring (Sterling Silver)

    Hand Fasting Ring (Sterling Silver)

    £16.50 - £18.42
  • Your Presence Token
  • CD: Calling my Angels - Niall
  • Phases of the Moon Spinner Ring (Sterling Silver)
  • Platinum Angel Figurine - Reflections
  • Celtic Moon & Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Protected by Angels - Dignity Coin
  • CD: The Little Reiki Meditation Album by Philip Permutt
  • Ammonite Fossil Pair
  • Angel Reflection Coin
  • CD: Angelic Reiki - Niall
  • CD: Buddha Gold by Llewellyn
  • CD: Power Animals - Niall
  • CD: Sleep Gold by Llewellyn
  • Never Drive Faster Wing Keyring
  • Take Time to Wish Upon a Star Token
  • Indian Sunset T-Shirt

    Indian Sunset T-Shirt

    £18.73 - £20.23
  • CD:  Reiki Healing Waves - Parijat
  • CD: Crystal Angels: Journey to the Archangels by Llewellyn
  • CD: Native American Nights - Niall
  • CD: Wind & Mountain by Deuter
  • Peace Begins with a Smile Token
  • Small Angel Box - Butterfly Dreams
  • CD: Koyasan: Reiki Sound Healing by Deuter
  • Chakra Ring with 14 Carat Gold Accent (Sterling Silver)
  • Dreams of Wolf Spirit Dream Catcher T-Shirt
  • Green Tree Incense Cones - Californian White Sage (Small Box of 10 Cones)
  • Love Wing Keyring
  • CD: Reiki Sleep by Llewellyn
  • CD: Reiki Starlight by Llewellyn