Turquoise Jewellery & Turquoise Crystals

Turquoise is said to be a perfect balance of male and female force and has a restful, soothing energy. Due to its balanced nature, it's a good stone to have around during the development of psychic and spiritual skills as it reminds us to be more aware of our intuition without losing track of earthly reality. As a tool, it can be beneficial for astral travellers or meditators.

Additionally, the peaceful energy can remind us to try and remain calm during emotional unrest and develop friendships rather than enemies.

  • Chakra Crystal Bracelet (with Reconstituted Turquoise)
  • Turquoise (Reconstituted) Power Bracelet
  • Turquoise Crystal Chip Bracelet (Reconstituted)
  • Liquid Silver Chain with Turquoise Beading Necklace
  • Turquoise Wire Wrap Silver Pendant
  • Feather and Natural Turquoise Nugget Earrings (Sterling Silver)