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Native American Greeting Cards

Our selection of Native American themed greeting cards are suitable for sending for a range of occasions. Some of the cards are blank inside for your own greeting, whilst others are specially designed to celebrate birthdays or friendship, to send sympathy or encouragement. 

Symbols and spiritual meanings play a big part in Native American culture and traditions, so some of the card designs naturally reflect these symbolic elements. Animals are commonly believed to have certain meanings attached to them too, so you’ll find animals and birds such as wolves, eagles and hawks featured in the artwork. 

If you’re a follower or fan of Native American traditions, or the recipient of your cards are, then you’ll appreciate the themed designs and the ability to send cards with value added symbology and meanings.

  • River of Life Greeting Card (Birthday) by Richard Luce
  • Nothing Can Hold a Dream Greeting Card (Birthday) by Jody Bergsma
  • Falcon Woman Greeting Card (Birthday) by Marie Buchfink
  • The Sacred Pipe Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Wolf Reflection Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Bears in Moonlight Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Bear Family Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Force of Nature Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Wolf Spirit Greeting Card (Inspiration) by Holly Sierra
  • Golden Feather Greeting Card (Birthday) by Denton Lund
  • Moose Watercolour Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Moonshine Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Spirit Seeker Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Navaho Moon Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Golden Reflections Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Kindred Souls Greeting Card (Love) by Lee Bogle
  • Fire and Dream Greeting Card (Blank)
  • The Secret Greeting Card (Wedding Congratulations) by Lee Bogle