Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls are beautiful pieces of natural crystal gemstones that have been carefully carved into the shape of a human skull. 

Crystal skulls are steeped in history and mystery. The ancient tribes of South America told stories about crystal skulls and how they were used in healing and ritual to aid people. Being in contact with the skulls was said to have a strong positive effect on spiritual growth and development. 

Today carved crystal skulls remain a popular form of gemstone carving. They can be used on their own or in conjunction with other crystals and crystal skulls for healing, grids and energy work. Or you could simply invest in a crystal skull to remind you of your goal to increase your spiritual growth and harmony. 

Whether you're drawn to the skulls due to their shape and symbolism, or due to the crystal they're hand-carved from, these are distinctive and very special pieces to own.

  • Hand Carved Black Obsidian Crystal Skull (5 cm)
  • Hand Carved Rose Quartz Crystal Skull (5 cm)