Other Crystals

We know how much you all love and appreciate crystals, so in this section you'll find a range of other crystals and associated products. 

There are useful accessories, such as bags and boxes to store and display your crystals so they remain in tip top condition for your personal display or use. There are beautiful gemstone crystal trees and crystal suncatchers to put on display in your home, plus polished crystal chips, rough crystals and our ever popular tumblestone crystals. 

If you want to learn more about the crystals in your collection, or discover ideas for the next crystals you'll want to purchase, we have a selection of informative crystal books to inspire and enlighten you. Unusual crystals and items that don't fit anywhere else are housed under the miscellaneous section.

  • Rough Rose Quartz

    Rough Rose Quartz

    £0.30 - £1.34
  • Rose Quartz Tumblestone (from Namibia)
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  • Selenite Charging Bowl
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    Selenite Charging Bowl

    £18.65 - £21.76
  • Amethyst Tumblestone (from Bolivia)
  • 250g Bag of Amethyst Chips
  • Rough Black Tourmaline Chunk (from Brazil)
  • Grey & Pink Agate Tumblestone (from Botswana)
  • Small Purple Velvet Bag with Satin Lining
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  • Banded Amethyst Tumblestone (from Namibia)
  • Labradorite Tumblestone (from Madagascar)
  • Golden Tiger's Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • 250g Bag of Rose Quartz Chips
  • Clear Quartz Tumblestone (from Brazil)
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  • Citrine Quartz Tumblestone

    Citrine Quartz Tumblestone

    £0.43 - £24.19
  • Snowflake Obsidian Tumblestone (from USA)
  • Fluorite Tumblestone
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    Fluorite Tumblestone

    £0.34 - £3.42
  • Malachite Tumblestone (from Zaire)
  • Red Jasper Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • Rough Natural Himalayan Salt Candle Holder
  • Green Aventurine Tumblestone (from Zimbabwe)
  • Unakite Tumblestone (from South Africa)
  • Blue Tiger's Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
  • Natural Citrine Tumblestone (from Brazil)
  • Black Tourmaline Tumblestone
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  • Natural Selenite Charging Bar (20cm)
  • 250g Bag of Rainbow Chips Mix
  • Sodalite Tumblestone (from Brazil)
  • Lucky Dip - 4 Random Crystals (Seconds, Rejects & Orphan Crystals)
  • Random Mixed Bag of Tumblestones
  • Carnelian Tumblestone (from Botswana)
  • Red Tigers Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
  • Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp (1.5 - 2.5 kg)
  • Black Obsidian Tumblestone (from Mexico)
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  • Moss Agate Tumblestone (from India)
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  • Bloodstone Tumblestone (from India)
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  • Hematite Tumblestone (from Brazil)
  • Grey Agate Tumblestone (from Botswana)
  • Shungite Tumblestone (from Russia)
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  • Aquamarine Tumblestone (from Zimbabwe)
  • Small Black Velvet Bag with Satin Lining
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  • Tree Agate Tumblestone (from India)
  • Selenite Charging Disc / Plate
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