Crystal Chakra Sets

Crystals are a fantastic way of representing the seven chakras, or centres of energy in the body. Each chakra is symbolised by a different colour and these colours can be represented by seven different crystals. 

Our sets of crystal chakra stones have done the hard work for you, as they each contain a ready-made selection of chakra appropriate crystals. Some of the sets contain tumbled gemstones, whilst others have rounded disc shapes. You'll no doubt be able to easily work out which stone represents which chakra (and information is included to guide your knowledge on this), but one set also has intricate symbols of each chakra carved on the stones. 

If any of your chakras is currently feeling out of kilter, or you're keen to boost the energy in your body and re-align your chakras, these sets are ideal to use. You can use the crystals during energy healing and body work, or simply as  part of your meditation practice. Try picking up each crystal, feeling the energy it omits and meditating on how the crystal could help you.

  • Chakra Tumblestone Set in Organza Bag
  • Crystal Chakra Disc Set (Set of 7)
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  • Chakra Disc Set with Chakra Symbol (Set of 7)
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