Shungite Crystals & Jewellery

Shungite is said to be one of the 'go to' stones for electromagnetic field protection (EMF), for cleansing and detoxing, as well as being a healing and emotional booster. Estimated to be 2 billion years old, it is known to be one of the strongest mineral healers, and is most closely associated with the root or base chakra. Shungite is said to aid in giving you a deeper insight into life, to help focus on true desires and harmonise you with your surroundings.

Shungite can be used in various ways:

  • Place the stone next to an electronic devices such as your phone, or tv to help soak up any electromagnetic energy
  • Wear for electromagnetic field protection (EMF), and help keep the body in balance
  • Place on the root chakra, or any part of the body that feels imbalanced, to bring this back into alignment
  • Meditate with Shungite in each hand to balance the left and right sides of the body, help in relieving stress and reduce anxiety.

Please note, that it is normal for shungite (particularly when unpolished) when handled to leave a black shungite powder residue in your hands.

  • Shungite Crescent Moon Pendant
  • Shungite Triangle Pendant
  • Shungite Tumblestone
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  • Shungite Cube (4cm)
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  • Shungite Sphere (4cm)
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  • Shungite Pyramid (4cm)
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  • Shungite Pocket Harmonizers
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  • Shungite Nugget Bracelet
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  • Shungite Beaded Bracelet
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  • Shungite Chip Bracelet