Carnelian Crystals and Carnelian Jewellery

Carnelian has a vibrant and spicy energy that can stimulate new life where there has been depression and lethargy. It can help to banish apathy and general disinterest in life by introducing energy into your aura, which reminds your body and spiritual self of what it is like to help something to grow. By holding or wearing carnelian you will not magically be cured (only you can do that) but it will offer you a different road to travel. It can also help promote sociability and warmth to others and it exhibits many of the properties of agate. (Also sometimes referred to as cornelian).

  • Carnelian Tumblestone (from Brazil)
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  • Carnelian Crystal Chip Bracelet
  • Carnelian Power Bracelet
  • Carnelian Crystal DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Carnelian Crystal Chip Necklace (32 Inch)
  • 250g Bag of Carnelian Chips
  • Carnelian Tumblestone Keyring
  • Gem Tree - Carnelian (Round Base)
  • Carnelian Crystal Rune Stones
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  • Carnelian & Clear Quartz Chunky Chip Bracelet
  • Carnelian Nugget Bracelet