Fossils are traces of ancient life that have been cleverly preserved by nature into stones and rocks. Fossils can be anything from whole skeletons or pieces of bone, to plants, sea shells, spiders, imprints, tracks and trails of living creatures. They're a very special piece of living history.  

Fossils act as a reminder that energy is transmutable and cannot be destroyed and they give us a sense of connection to ancient civilisations who would have also held fossils like these.

The fossils we stock are all carved and polished, to produce an attractive and smooth finish. Due to the nature of their age and origin, no two fossils are alike, which adds to their unique qualities. The fossils can be collected and put on display in your home, or made into unusual pieces of jewellery and pendants.

  • Fossil Dish with Goniatite
  • Polished Goniatite Fossil
  • Polished Orthoceras Peardrop Fossil