Jasper Crystals & Jasper Jewellery

The family of jasper stones have an energy that's very grounding and stabilizing. They promote the need to reduce insecurity, guilt, worry and fear and remind us of our connection with mother earth. Jasper is a great stone to have around if you're in need of healing, or if you're a healer, as it can be a useful tool for re-balancing the aura. Due to its grounding abilities, it's a good stone to hold or have close by if you're meditating, healing or involved in similar activities. It can be held in the hand whilst you visualize roots sprouting forth from your feet, securing and grounding you to the earth.

Jasper comes in many types and colours, each adding further aspects to the above:
Red jasper - When travelling a path of spiritual self-improvement sometimes we can become too focussed on the heavens above and we can become disenchanted with our earthly existence. Red jasper is an earthly stone and helps combat this by reminding us that we are not here by ourselves on the physical plane. It is a stone good to hold when on excursions by oneself, periods of solitude such as retreats or if you live alone. Some keep it by the bed because in some way it helps them connect to and remember their dreams, and can also help protect those who astral travel.
Yellow jasper - uplifting energy, reminds us of the need to be cheerful and positive.
Poppy Jasper is the stone of energy and courage, also known as Brecciated jasper; it is aligned to the root chakra, and is useful in matters of health and in raising vitality and energy. A protective stone, it enhances physical endurance and helps the wearer bring balance between the emotional and the physical. Some say that it is also useful in attuning with animals. 
Leopard Skin Jasper - Helps facilitate shamanic journeying and contacting power animals.
Ocean jasper, with its circular patterns, is a soothing stone that promotes love of oneself and others. Related to the heart charka and encourages patience and acceptance of responsibility.
Picasso or picture jasper helps create an air of harmony, and is said to enhance the relationship between human beings and nature. The colour and markings of picture jasper sometimes even appear to depict landscape paintings, adding further to this belief. It's also useful for aiding creativity, creative visualization and the discovery of messages, whether through dreams, meditation or readings.
Brown jasper is connected to the earth and helps alleviate environmental and geopathic stress and encourages ecological awareness. It is also said to strengthen the resolve to give up somoking and boosts the immune system.
Mookite (Australian jasper) comes from Mooka Creek region of Australia. Comes in a variety of patterns and helps connect to the dream time and is emotionally protective. Helps to connect to and balance the base chakra.

  • Red Jasper Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • Black Jasper Crystal Rune Stones
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  • Picture Jasper Tumblestone (from Namibia)
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  • Red Jasper Crystal Palm Stone
  • Black Jasper Crystal Palm Stone
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Dog
  • 250g Bag of Red Jasper Chips
  • Red Jasper Crystal Horse
  • Red Jasper Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Red Jasper Crystal Dragon
  • Red Jasper Crystal Heart
  • Red Jasper Crystal Sphere (35mm)
  • Red Jasper Teardrop Crystal Keyring
  • Red Jasper Tumblestone Keyring
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Sphere (35mm)
  • Black Jasper Teardrop Crystal Keyring
  • Red Jasper Crystal Crescent Moon
  • Black Jasper Tumblestone Keyring
  • Black Jasper Crystal Keyring
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Turtle
  • Red Jasper Crystal Keyring
  • Dalmation Jasper Crystal Wand - 60mm long
  • Red Jasper Crystal Massage Wand
  • Black Jasper Crystal Massage Wand