Native American Crafts

This section is dedicated to a range of traditional Native American crafts, such as necklaces, pouches, charms and fans. 

We value the importance of supplying authentic handmade items so, where possible, items are sourced directly from members of the Navajo tribe in the USA. Some pieces are also signed by the artists to add to their authenticity. As the crafts are handmade, there can be small differences between pieces, reflecting their handcrafted heritage. 

If you love all things Native American and appreciate the spiritual nature of their beliefs, then these crafts will be a valuable addition to your collection. They're designed to be used as practical tools for rituals and ceremonies, as well as to serve decorative purposes, and are very special pieces to own.

  • Small Rattle - Made by Navajo
  • Black Leather Medicine Bag by Curtis Bitsui
  • Turkey Smudging Feather Fan by Kim Wilson, Winnebago Sioux, USA
  • Small Rustic Navajo Dream Catcher (2 inch) by Curtis Bitsui
  • Large Turkey Smudging Double Feather Fan - Made by Navajo
  • Cathartes Aura Feather Fan
  • Long White Decorative Feather Adornment by Sheryl Kee - Navajo Tribe
  • Long Turquoise Decorative Feather Adornment by Sheryl Kee - Navajo Tribe
  • Small Navajo Antler Pipe - Signed by Navajo Artist
  • Painted Navajo Kokopelli Feather by Phillip Nez (Limited Edition)