Incense Resins

Incense resins are naturally occurring substances such as frankincense, copal, dragon's blood and myrrh that are harvested from trees. The resin is usually obtained from live trees via “tapping”. This is done in a sustainable way so that the tree continues to thrive.

Fresh resins are often fragrant although some resins do not give much scent off until they are burnt. The best way to burn incense resins is to put them onto a hot charcoal disc. Normally only a sprinkle is needed. If you put too much on top then it can smother the charcoal discs. Allow the discs five minutes to get up to temperature before putting the resin on top.

Many resins such as frankincense are used in a variety of beauty and perfumed products and can also be used to make oils such as Frankincense Essential Oil.

We also sell authentic church resins made by the monks at Prinknash Abbey in Gloucestershire. They export their incense worldwide and as such, these blends are used in churches all over the world. The recipes are top secret, so we cannot even tell you the exact ingredients. But frankincense forms the base.

  • Incense Resin & Charcoal Kit
  • Premium Frankincense Resin (Boswellia Sacra)
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  • Excelsior Charcoal Tablets
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  • Abbey Resin Granules (Prinknash Abbey) & 5 Charcoal Discs
  • Basilica Resin Granules (Prinknash Abbey) & 5 Charcoal Discs
  • Sanctuary Resin Granules (Prinknash Abbey) & 5 Charcoal Discs
  • Cathedral Resin Granules (Prinknash Abbey) & 5 Charcoal Discs
  • Frankincense Resin Granules (Priory, Prinknash Abbey) & 5 Charcoal Discs
  • Myrrh Resin (1 oz / 28 grams)
  • Palo Santo Resin (15g)
  • Copal Resin (1 oz / 28 grams)
  • Dragons Blood Resin Powder (1/2 oz - 14 grams)