Large Incense Boxes

As the name suggests, the Large Boxes category is dedicated to supplies of large boxes of incense from the Japanese incense producer, Nippon Kodo. 

A number of popular Nippon Kodo product lines are available to purchase in large boxes. For example you’ll find incense such as Mainichi-Koh (Everyday Incense), Seiun, Eiju, Kazedayori, Tokusen and Premium Quality available to buy in large boxes. 

Large boxes are a great buy if you’ve got a favourite incense and want to stock up on supplies and get a better price deal. They’re also useful if you burn a lot of incense, for example through your holistic work, and want to have a constant supply to hand.

  • Shin Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood Incense (80 Sticks)
  • Mainichi-Koh Kyara Delux Aloeswood (300 Sticks)
  • Tendan Old Temple Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense (300 Sticks)
  • Tendan Old Temple Meiko Spicy Sandalwood Incense (300 Sticks)
  • Taiyo Byakudan Sandalwood Incense (380 Sticks)
  • Taiyo Lily of the Valley Incense (380 Sticks)
  • Taiyo Sakura Cherry Blossom Incense (430 Sticks)
  • Shikun Jinkoh Aloeswood Incense (470 Sticks)
  • Eiju Meiko Cinnamon & Amber Incense (100 Sticks)