Native American Incense Sticks

Our Native American incense sticks contain the finest herbs, resins and wood extracts from North America. The ingredients are common to the Native American tradition, such as sweet sage, wild prairie rose, sweetgrass and cedar. For example, in Native American tradition, the herb sage Is associated with qualities such as cleansing, so is burnt to help cleanse and clear a space, whilst sweetgrass is used to call in sweet angelic energies. 

We also sell other blended incense that are used to represent or emulate the energies of Native American animals such as Coyote or Bear or to represent the different directions on the Native American Medicine Wheel.

This collection of incenses are ideal for anyone interested in, working with, or has an affinity with all things Native American. The incense sticks can be burned to help cleanse a room or home, for example if you're moving into a new property and want to completely cleanse the space of all old energies, or if you simply want to remove traces of cooking smells from your kitchen. They're useful to have on hand for ceremonies and rites and for all healing work.

  • White Sage Incense Sticks (Wild Harvested Incense)
  • Sweetgrass Incense Sticks (Wild Harvested Incense)
  • Wild Prairie Rose Native American Incense Sticks
  • Sweet Sage Native American Incense Sticks
  • Sweetgrass Native American Incense Sticks
  • Cedar Native American Incense Sticks
  • West Shield Incense Sticks - Introspection Bear
  • North Shield Incense Sticks - Wisdom Buffalo
  • South Shield Incense Sticks - Faith Coyote
  • Spirit Path Incense Sticks - Death & Rebirth
  • East Shield Incense Sticks - Illumination Eagle