Natural Soaps & Body Wash

We stock a variety of soaps and body washes, including our own brand essential oil soap bars. These are organic, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and paraben free. Made using essential oils and the boxes are made from 70% recycled card.

For something with a lighter scent, try our Fluorescent Ranch soap bars which are all natural for a true cleansing experience, physically and spiritually. No tallow (animal fat), no urea (urine), or other bizarre ingredients; just clean vegetable oils and natural herbs.

Our range of Chakra Soaps are hand-made following the principles of ancient traditions, each bar is focused on one of the seven chakras and all are rich in natural essential oils and rebalancing properties. 

  • Meditation Organic Soap Bar
  • Love and Peace Organic Soap Bar
  • Relaxing & Indulgent Organic Soap Bar
  • Rose Geranium Organic Soap Bar
  • French Lavender Organic Soap Bar
  • Super Sage Soap
  • Palo Santo Soap
  • White Sage Soap
  • 7th Chakra Sahasrara Handmade Soap Bar
  • 6th Chakra Ajna Handmade Soap Bar
  • 5th Chakra Vishudda Handmade Soap Bar
  • 4th Chakra Anahata Handmade Soap Bar
  • 3rd Chakra Manipura Handmade Soap Bar
  • 2nd Chakra Swadhistana Handmade Soap Bar
  • 1st Chakra Muladhara Handmade Soap Bar