Fairy Greeting Cards

Fairies have long been subject to works of art and these beautiful fairy greeting cards are no exception. There are some wonderful designs available featuring fairies, or faeries as they're also known, in all their glory. Fairies are magical little beings who are largely renowned as being friendly (bar the occasional mischievous fairy!). Send a fairy greeting card to someone you know has a connection with the magical realm and they're sure to appreciate it. Fairies can bring a touch of happiness, fun and joy into life, so the cards are also great for sending greetings of all types to friends and family, whether they have an existing passion for fairies or not.  

As you'll see, some of the fairy cards are blank, so you can add your own occasion-specific message inside, but a few have a fairy-themed greeting. You can see at a glance which cards are blank from the product heading, or click through to view each card in more detail.

  • Fairy Happy Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • A Spring Gathering Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Revelation Greeting Card (All Occasions)
  • The Fairy of Love & Devotion Greeting Card (Thinking of You)