Butterfly Meaning & Butterfly Products

Butterflies are powerful symbols for transformation and change throughout many traditions and belief systems. 

In the caterpillar stage we may be stuck with ideas we don't like or behaviours or paranoias we want to change. In the cocoon stage sometimes not a lot appears to be happening although subconsciously and consciously ideas are gestating and changing. Sometimes we can feel a bit lost at this stage. Then comes the final transformation to beautiful colourful floating butterfly. The wings pump with blood and we are free to float into our new world, flitting about seeing things from a whole new perspective. 

To wear or have around you the symbol of butterfly is to state your intention to flutter through life in joy. Butterfly teaches us that patience brings its rewards and as long as we keep working and developing ourselves the final glorious butterfly stage will come. To wear butterfly is to set your target like an archer - joy is my goal, joy is my reality, joy will come, joy is here now. When we encounter butterflies in our daily lives they are always a joy to find and a good totem. When one day you open your curtains and a butterfly flutters up you know that a glorious change is taking place in your life. You see the butterfly flutter his wings, almost dancing along. This is what butterfly teaches, that true joy is within the dance of life.

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