Polished Crystal Chips

Polished crystal chips are tiny pieces of crystal that are polished into dainty little chips. Our bags of crystal chips are sold in weights of 250g.

These crystal chips are perfect for putting on display in your home. You can use them in the base of plant pots, in bowls with floating candles, outside in your garden to create decorative effects or simply on their own displayed in a bowl. Single chips of one specific stone look nice, or you can mix them up. 

The chips are quite tactile so, if you've got these in a bowl, you could use them as part of a mindfulness exercise.

  • 250g Bag of Amethyst Chips
  • 250g Bag of Rainbow Chips Mix
  • 250g Bag of Rose Quartz Chips
  • Seconds - Mini Tumblestone Treasure Mix (250g)