Goddess Meaning & Goddess Products

A goddess is a female being who's believed to be the source of life and being. Cultures worldwide worshipped goddesses from early times, although the Christianity movement in particular fazed it out. Today, however, there's a rising popularity in re-kindling connections with goddesses, especially from women who feel traditional religions lack the extra perspective and guidance they seek. 

Celebrating goddesses offers a way of embracing and rediscovering female characteristics, of celebrating feminine abilities, thoughts and capabilities. It offers a form of spirituality that means something to women and celebrates their unique power and self-worth. Each goddess has her own characteristics and linking to the one that seems appropriate to you is said to help enhance those particularly qualities in your own life. 

Examples of goddesses, their culture of origin, and their characteristics:

Aphrodite: Greek; pleasure, sensuality, love, passion 
Artemis: Greek; nature, independence, courage, determination 
Athena: Greek; intelligence, inner wisdom, art, creativity 
Ceridwen: Celtic; abundance, death, rebirth 
Diana: Roman; nature, independence, reaching goals 
Freya: Norse; grounded, fertility, opportunities 
Hathor: Egyptian; beauty, power, wisdom, abundance, fertility 
Isis: Egyptian; mysticism, self-assurance, intuition 
Kali: Hindu; courage, fearlessness, releasing negativity 
Minerva: Roman; intelligence, wisdom, healing, intuition 
Venus: Roman; love, growth, sexuality 
White Buffalo Calf Woman: Native American; earth, dignity, grace, energy balance