Pocket Angels & Inspiration Stones

This category contains a wide range of Pocket Angels and Inspiration Stones. The stones are a form of worry stone, designed to be carried with you in your hand or pocket, so they’re always there when you need them. The idea of a “worry stone” came about because of the therapeutic effect of holding something that you can play with in your hands – it can help you distract you from your worries, fears or anxieties. In essence, it’s a bit like a form of mindfulness, where you focus on the stone, the feel of it and what it means. 

The symbol of an angel, archangel or other being inside the stone reminds you of the qualities that that symbol can bring into your life and can help you feel blessed and protected. The stones are all tactile and you’ll enjoy being able to reach out and touch them when the need arises.

  • Angel Stone - Guardian Angel
  • Angel Stone - Healing
  • Four Leaf Clover Stone
  • Archangel Stone - Michael
  • Archangel Stone - Raphael
  • Archangel Stone - Gabriel
  • Archangel Stone - Uriel
  • Angel Worry Stone - Courage
  • Angel Worry Stone - Grace
  • Angel Worry Stone - Angelite
  • Angel Stone - Travel