Tourmaline Crystals & Tourmaline Jewellery

The overall energy of tourmaline evokes a sense of protection and grounding. It's commonly used in work to purify and protect a person's energy and for cleansing the aura. It wards off feelings of negativity, both in the physical and spiritual worlds, and helps promote a more positive and uplifting stance. Tourmaline can help remove energetic blockages in the aura and is great for balancing the chakras. 

In addition to the above certain types of tourmaline bring other attributes:
Black tourmaline is one of the great crystals associated with clearing negativity of all kinds including electromagnetic energy. It grounds you and helps release stress.
Tourmaline quartz contains both tourmaline and quartz, often visibly separate, which brings in also some of the qualities of quartz such as aligning with your higher purpose and inner clarity.
Watermelon tourmaline combines the energies of pink and green tourmaline and is connected to the heart chakra. It works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of the heart centre, harmonizing all aspects of one's being, bringing forth feelings of calmness and inner peace.

  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chip Bracelet
  • Rough Black Tourmaline Chunk (from Brazil)
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  • Black Tourmaline Tumblestone
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  • 250g Bag of Black Tourmaline Chips
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal  DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Chip Necklace (32 Inch)
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting) - Smaller
  • Mixed Tourmaline & Clear Quartz Chunky Chip Bracelet
  • Protection Pendant (with Sterling Silver)
  • Black Tourmaline Crystal Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Tourmaline Quartz Wire Wrap Silver Pendant