Tarot Cards Boxes & Oracle Card Boxes

When not in use, tarot and oracle cards can be stored in specially designed boxes, to help keep the card decks clean, safe and protected. Handmade and hand carved wooden boxes are available to hold a single or double pack of cards and are lovely storage items to keep out on display in your home. 

If you prefer to display the cards prominently in a place where you can regularly pick one out to look at and focus on, you could try a special wooden tray instead, or combine it with a wooden box. 

  • Carved Wooden Floral Tarot Card Box
  • Ornate Wooden Card Box with Brass Corners
  • Double Hand-Carved Wooden Tarot / Oracle Card Box
  • Hand-Carved Wooden Tarot Card Storage Box
  • Hand-Carved Wooden Angel Card Box
  • Butterfly Tarot / Oracle Card Box