Angel Coins & Tokens

Lots of people love and appreciate all things related to angels, archangels angelic beings and these specially designed angel coins and tokens celebrate this. Angels are often associated with a sign of protection, so these coins and tokens are small in size and can be kept with you at all times – in your coat pocket, in your handbag, in a purse or even in your drawer at work. So whenever you need extra courage, encouragement or protection, you can hold the coin or token in your hand and feel a connection to the angels. 

The compact size and weight of these angel coins and tokens also makes them ideal for sending in the post as gifts, perhaps with a suitably themed greeting card. Or they're good to use for stocking fillers or Secret Santa gifts at Christmas for holistic-minded friends and family.

  • Tiny Archangel Raphael Token
  • Tiny Archangel Gabriel Token
  • Tiny Archangel Michael Token
  • Tiny Archangel Uriel Token
  • Protected by Angels - Dignity Coin
  • Angel Reflection Coin
  • Angel of Courage Coin
  • Angel Hope / Wisdom Coin
  • Angel Blessing Coin
  • Archangel Michael Pocket Shield
  • Archangel Raphael Pocket Shield
  • Archangel Gabriel Pocket Shield