Worry Dolls & Buddha Figurines

Worry dolls are mini little dolls that are said to take way worries. According to folklore, when the Mayan Indians had worrisome thoughts on their minds, they told their thoughts to the little worry dolls, or worry people. At night, before they went to sleep, they'd place the worry people under their pillows. When they woke up in the morning, the worry people had worked their magic and taken the worries away. 

The brightly coloured worry dolls we sell are ethically sourced and are handmade in the highlands of Guatemala, by the Mayan Indians. They're a lovely little gift to give to someone you know who has worries on their mind, or a self-care present to give yourself if you're feeling anxious or troubled. 

Our collection of small Buddha statues can also be found in this section. Buddha is regarded as being 'the enlightened one' as he sought and found an enlightened state. The symbol of the Buddha reminds us that complete bliss and peace are possible, if only we strive to reach it. 

  • Mini Thai Buddhas (Set of 4)
  • Assorted Mini Guatemalan Worry Dolls in Bag
  • Worry Doll on Card
  • Assorted Mini Guatemalan Worry Dolls in Box
  • Single Guatemalan Worry Doll
  • Guatemalan Worry Doll in Small Crochet Bag