Angel Incense Sticks

The Angel Incense is unusual in that each of the products has been specially blended to represent the energies of a particular archangel or guardian angel. For example, Archangel Raphael has the qualities of cleansing, restoring wholeness and boosting energy levels, so the uplifting scent and aroma of the incense reflects this. 

Many of the Angel incense range is made in New Mexico, using natural ingredients, such as vegetable oils, plant resins, honey and coconut shell powder. The incense sticks are hand-rolled using traditional methods. 

This collection of incense is ideal to use if you're involved with healing, meditation, angel work, angel card reading or simply want to boost your connection to an archangel. They're also a good choice of incense to have burning in the background whilst an angel card reading is taken place as it could heighten the connection to the angelic realm. Listen to that small, still voice inside and be guided to the right Angel incense for your use.

  • Archangel Michael Incense Sticks -  Protection
  • Archangel Raphael Incense Sticks - Healing
  • Natural Archangel Raphael Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Gabriel Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Metatron Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Michael Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Chamuel Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Uriel Incense Sticks
  • Natural Archangel Haniel Incense Sticks