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Spiritual Birthday Cards

It's a tradition to send people a card on their birthday to let them know they're in your thoughts and that you're sending them good wishes – and it's a tradition we hope will long continue. Even though e-cards are prevalent now too, nothing beats the act of receiving a special card through the post. These spiritual birthday cards, with their stunning artwork, certainly tick the box for special and will make the recipient's day. 

Some of their birthday greeting cards have wording on the outside of the card, and all of them contain a message inside the card. You can click through to each product description to find out what the message inside each card is and find the one most appropriate for your needs.

  • Enlightened Forest Heart Greeting Card (Birthday) by Alixandra Mullins
  • Lotus Heart Greeting Card (Birthday) by Alixandra Mullins
  • Mer Fairy - Large Greeting Card (Birthday) by Josephine Wall
  • Dreamer Greeting Card (Birthday) by Nadia Strelkina
  • Star Birth Greeting Card (Birthday) by Lucie Bilodeau
  • Once Upon A Time - Large Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Painted Lady Greeting Card (Birthday) by Josephine Wall
  • Diana Greeting Card (Birthday) by Josephine Wall
  • River of Life Greeting Card (Birthday) by Richard Luce
  • Coming Home Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Nothing Can Hold a Dream Greeting Card (Birthday) by Jody Bergsma
  • Kuan Yins Crown Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Receive Greeting Card (All Occasions)
  • Golden Feather Greeting Card (Birthday) by Denton Lund