Incense Holders & Burners

An essential accessory for using incense and resin safely, without fear of ash dropping in unwanted places, is an incense holder or burner. In this section we stock a lovely range of incense holders and burners suitable for using with a variety of different types of incense, including incense sticks, cones, charcoal and resins. 

There's an attractive selection of hand carved wooden holders, many inlaid with brass accents, including circular holders, boxes, trays and a vertical tower design. If wood isn't your style, other options are available too, including bowls made from brass, ceramic or cast iron, quirky characterful holders, Japanese style holders and decorative metal cone holders. 

Plus, to ensure you'll have all the incense burning accessories you need to have on hand, there are tongs and snuffers too, so you can safely pick up or put out incense and resins at all times.

  • Black Cast Iron Incense Resin Bowl With Lid
  • Excelsior Charcoal Tablets
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  • Elephant Incense Holder
  • Wooden Incense Ski Holder
  • Wooden Incense Ski with Brass Floral Inlays
  • Wooden Incense Ski with Brass Stars and Pentacle
  • Wooden Incense Ski with Brass Moon and Stars
  • Carved Wooden Incense Box - Brass Floral Inlay
  • Carved Wooden Incense Box With Pentacle Brass Inlay
  • Double Compartment Incense Box - Brass Patterned Inlay
  • Mini Circular Wooden Incense Burner with Yin Yang Inlay
  • Mini Circular Wooden Incense Burner with Moon & Star Inlay
  • Mini Circular Wooden Incense Burner with Buddha Inlay
  • Hand Carved Floral Wooden Circular Incense Holder
  • Hand Carved Circular Wooden Incense Holder with Floral Brass Inlay
  • Carved Wooden Incense Tower with Brass Buddha Inlay
  • Mini Wooden Incense Cone Box with Brass Pentacle Inlay
  • Metal Lotus Cone Holder
  • Cast Iron Triquetra Cauldron
  • Cast Iron Pentagram Cauldron
  • Cast Iron Cauldron
  • Brass Candle Snuffer
  • Brass Tongs
  • Patterned Brass Bowl
  • Brass Charcoal / Incense Resin Star Burner
  • Large Brass Bowl Burner with Stars
  • Brass Burner with Hearts & Handle
  • Small Black Brass Bowl
  • Authentic Japanese Owl Incense Holder
  • Lotus Flower Wooden Incense Ski
  • Chinese Dragon Wooden Incense Ski
  • Om Symbol Wooden Incense Ski