Pentagram Meaning & Pentacle Products

The pentagram was considered by the ancient Greeks and medieval astrologers to have supernatural properties and to be a protective symbol. Often in the past people would mark their doors with pentagrams to ward off evil witchcraft and spirits. 

In good magic today (with the top pointed upwards) it is often used as a symbol to support transmission and communication with the spirit world. Its five points are often seen to represent the four classic elements of earth, water, air and fire joining with the fifth element of spirit to create life. A five-pointed star (pentagram) with a circle around it is referred to as a pentacle. This circle represents sacred space in which the fifth element of spirit controls the four earthly elements.

Also in the legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight a pentacle adorns his shield representing the five knightly virtues of generosity, courtesy, chastity, brotherly love and piety.

  • Tree of Life Pentagram Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Cosmic Triquetra with Tiny Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
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  • Pentacle Symbol Black Velvet Tarot / Oracle Card Bag
  • Angel Pentacle Pendant with Amethyst (Sterling Silver)
  • Wooden Incense Ski with Brass Stars and Pentacle
  • Pentacle Bracelet - 7 inches (18cms) (Sterling Silver)
  • Carved Wooden Incense Box With Pentacle Brass Inlay
  • Large Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Pentacle Pentagram Clip Charm (Sterling Silver)
  • Medium Pentagram Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Pentagram Overlaying Circle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Mini Wooden Incense Cone Box with Brass Pentacle Inlay
  • Small Celtic Pentacle (Sterling Silver)
  • Small Pentacle Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Small Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Black Pentacle in Ivy Tarot / Oracle Card Bag
  • Small Pentagram Stud Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Pentacle with Moon Phases Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Pentagram Overlaying Sacred Spiral Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Pentagram Pentacle Earrings (Sterling Silver)
  • Raven Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)