Scentsual Incense

The Scentsual range of incense is a contemporary brand produced by Japanese incense specialists, Nippon Kodo. 

At the heart of Scentsual incense is a strong connection with nature. All of the incense in the range is made from single plant-based natural fragrances, including some more unusual Japanese inspired choices to excite the senses. 

Care and attention has been paid to the packaging, which is inspired by the amazing multi-coloured bark that Rainbow Eucalyptus trees are famous for. With 100% natural ingredients and no colourants, these are incense sticks that will especially appeal to you if you’re eco-conscious. 

Some of the aromas to discover in the Scentsual range include brilliant blue lavender, sweet white sage, fresh green tea, calm hinoki mint, bitter pink ginger and sparkling gold yuzu. 

Made From Plant-Based Fragrances | Zero Colourants | 100% Natural Fragrance Oils | Eco-Conscious Packaging Made with Recycled Paper


  • Bitter Pink Ginger Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Brilliant Blue Lavender Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Calm Hinoki Mint Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Fresh Matcha Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Mellow Palo Santo Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Sparkling Gold Yuzu Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)
  • Sweet White Sage Scentsual Incense (30 Sticks)