Natural Essential Oil Wax Melts

Here in this section we have our natural Soy Wax Melts. Scents of Mystery Melts are inspired by myth, magick & legend to enchant the senses and soul. Perfect for all your magical workings they can bring a touch of magic into your home and they also make wonderful gifts. These fresh scents are original and completely unique; they are hand blended using soy wax, a blend of essential oils, floral essences, cosmetic quality fragrances and packaged by hand. (Fragrances used are not of animal origin).

These soy wax melts do not contain any paraffin or petroleum products. Soy is a vegetable wax and is suitable for vegetarians. It is non-toxic and burns a lot cleaner, slower and cooler than paraffin wax; this creates a longer burning wax.

  • Inspiration Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Lavender Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Love & Peace Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Meditation Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Orange Clove & Cinnamon Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Relaxing Wax Melt Tart (Organic)
  • Sensual Wax Melt Tart (Organic)