Ka-Fuh Incense

Ka-Fuh is a range of Japanese incense produced by Nippon Kodo with a floral theme. The name Ka-Fuh is pronounced as, “ka-fuh” and translates into English to mean the, “scent of blossoms in the wind.”

The ingredients for this range of incense are all carefully selected and the incense sticks are handcrafted by experts. 

The Ka-Fuh incense includes a number of worldwide popular floral fragrances, such  as lavender and daphne, plus some Japanese favourites, such as hinoki (Japanese cypress), white plum and lotus. 

The floral fragrances have various properties and can be burned to create relaxing, peaceful, uplifting and energizing environments.

  • Ka-fuh Aqua Japanese Incense

    Ka-fuh Aqua Japanese Incense

    £6.00 - £24.88
  • Ka-Fuh Daphne Incense

    Ka-Fuh Daphne Incense

    £6.00 - £12.24
  • Ka-Fuh Hinoki (Japanese Cypress) Incense
  • Ka-fuh Lavender Japanese Incense
  • Ka-Fuh Lotus Incense

    Ka-Fuh Lotus Incense

    £12.24 - £24.88
  • Ka-fuh White Plum Japanese Incense