Kyle Gray Books & Oracle Cards

Kyle Gray is an Angel communicator, medium and motivational speaker based in the West of Scotland where he was born and raised. Considered to be an angel expert with a remarkable spiritual connection, that he has nurtured through long-term practice and study.

In the past he has also had a weekly column in the Scottish Sun newspaper and a monthly column in Spirit and Destiny magazine where he shared his experiences and guidance from the Angels.

With a combination of intuition, common sense and street-wise wit, Kyle teaches us about these amazing unseen beings in a way that is modern and approachable. He regularly speaks to large audiences around the world.

  • Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray
  • Angel Prayers (Expanded Edition) by Kyle Gray
  • Angels and Ancestors Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
  • Angels Whisper in My Ear by Kyle Gray
  • Connecting With the Angels Made Easy by Kyle Gray
  • Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom by Kyle Gray
  • Gateway of Light Activation Oracle by Kyle Gray
  • Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
  • Raise Your Vibration by Kyle Gray
  • The Angel Guide Oracle by Kyle Gray