Blended Massage Oils & Aromatherapy Carrier Oils

Our cold pressed oils are excellent for use with massage; they can be used by themselves or as a carrier oil for pure essential oils. Base and Carrier oils are extremely nourishing and provide lots of nutrients and fatty acids that will leave the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

A Quick Guide to Carrier Oils
Almond Oil – Very light, popular with massage, suitable for all skin types and can be mixed well with other base oils and essential oils. (Not suitable for anyone with an allergy to nuts).

Avocado Oil – Excellent for dehydrated, dry and mature skin, rich in vitamins A and D.

Coconut Oil – Very light and easily absorbed, suitable for normal skin.

Grapeseed Oil – Popular with massage, has a light texture and can be mixed well with other base oils and essential oils, suitable for all skin types.

Jojoba Oil – Very popular as a facial moisturizer, can be beneficial in helping with acne and eczema conditions. Suitable for all skin types particularly oily, sensitive and mature skin.

  • Pure Almond Carrier Oil (100ml)
  • Pure Avocado Carrier Oil (100ml)
  • Calming Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Exotic Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Indulgence Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Detox Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Destress Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Muscle & Joint Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Pure Coconut Carrier Oil (100ml)
  • Pure Grapeseed Carrier Oil (100ml)
  • Pure Jojoba Carrier Oil (100ml)