Angel Keyrings

Angels are often viewed as being protectors, so in this case having the symbol of an angel or an angel wing on a keyring could be seen as offering protection to your keys and keeping them safe. If you believe in the angelic realm, and feel close to your guardian angel, you may feel protected too, when you have an angel keyring in your pocket or bag.  

Lots of these keyrings come with a specific message on them, such as Miracles Happen, Hope & Courage or Give Your Worries to the Angels and serve as a reminder to be positive and have faith at all times, whatever life throws at you. As well as being good to buy and use yourself, the angel keyrings would make a good gift for anyone going through difficult times, to let them know they’re not on their own and that there are higher powers out there looking down on them.

  • Guardian Angel Spinner Keyring
  • Give your Worries to the Angels Spinner Keyring
  • Hope & Courage Angel Spinner Keyring
  • Miracles Happen Angel Spinner Keyring
  • Never Drive Faster - Spinner Keyring
  • Protected By Angels Spinner Keyring