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Rough Natural Crystals

Rough crystals are, as the name suggests, rough pieces of natural crystals. These means the crystals haven't been smoothed and polished and are in their natural state, very much as they would have been when they were first found.

Due to the natural state of these rough crystals, their sizes, shapes and colours will vary – no two pieces will be identical. If you love natural crystals, you're likely to be drawn to these pieces. Rough crystals can be used in the same way as polished crystals for healing and crystal work.

  • Crystal Dream Stones (Sweet Dream Pouch)
  • Rough Auralite 23 Crystal (1-1.5 inches)
  • Rough Black Tourmaline Chunk (from Brazil)
  • Rough Rose Quartz

    Rough Rose Quartz

    £0.30 - £1.34
  • Selenite Mountain (about 9 -11 cms tall / 3.5 - 4 inches)