Wiccan Greeting Cards

For pagans and fans of Wicca and the Wiccan tradition, these greeting cards are designed to be sent for all occasions related to the Old Way. Whether you want to send a card to say ‘Blessed be’, celebrate one of the sabbats, such as Beltane, Yule, Lammas or Ostara, or send magical greetings for a birthday, these cards 

As you’d expect with Wiccan themed cards, the stunning designs feature art and symbols relating to the magical belief. For example, designs include elements such as pentagrams, magic, goddesses, earth wizards and the moon. Many of the cards are left blank inside so you can easily add your own message and personalize them for the occasion in question.

  • Winter Solstice Card (Solstice Message)
  • Polar Magic Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Winter Solstice Mandala Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Solstice Owl Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Longest Night Mandala Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Lunar Moth Greeting Card (Blank)
  • First Stars Appear Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Feasts and Light Greeting Card (Solstice)
  • Holiday Mandala Blessing Greeting Card (Solstice)