Tiger's Eye Crystals & Tiger's Eye Jewellery

Tiger’s eye has the quality of what is termed chatoyancy, which means as the stone is turned it reflects light in glorious iridescent ways on its surface. It can be used as a tool to rebalance the body, especially during healing or meditative work, and some people use it to aid psychic work. Tiger’s eye helps us to know that new experiences and more enjoyable situations are only as far away as we believe them to be. This stone can be held when seeking a calm influence in our life or when our thoughts are fragmented and we need focus. It also can help heal issues of self-worth. In times of peace, clarity or grace it may help us to remain in the present and not worry about how long the good feelings will last.

In addition to the above certain types of Tiger’s eye bring other attributes:
Golden Tiger’s eye is a soothing stone. Its golden colour symbolises a connection with the sun, which helps us connect with deep intuition and psychic impressions. Also golden tiger's eye can be a good stone to have around in a business environment, as its energy is charismatic yet well balanced.
Red Tiger’s eye The bright and colourful red tigers eye brings with it an uplifting and optimistic energy, full of vitality and strength. It promotes a desire to increase confidence, yet can be calming towards those with unpredictable tempers. 
Blue Tiger’s eye Blue is the colour of integrity and wisdom. It helps us to cut through our own emotional indulgences and to see a more global perspective. Blue tigers eye can help us in times of depression and sadness and to choose a path out of the mist into a more profitable situation for ourselves and the people around us.

  • Golden Tiger's Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • Blue Tiger's Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • Golden Tiger's Eye Crystal Chip Bracelet
  • Red Tigers Eye Tumblestone (from South Africa)
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  • Golden Tiger's Eye Power Bracelet
  • Golden Tigers Eye Crystal Rabbit
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  • Golden Tiger's Eye Crystal DT Point Pendant (Sterling Silver Setting)
  • Golden Tigers Crystal Eye Palm Stone
  • 250g Bag of Golden Tiger's Eye Chips
  • Golden Tigers Eye Tumblestone Keyring
  • Baby Golden Tiger's Eye Crystal Sphere (20mm)
  • Golden Tiger's Eye Crystal Crescent Moon
  • Golden Tiger's Eye Shaped Palm Stone
  • Golden Tigers Eye Crystal Heart
  • Golden Tigers Eye Teardrop Crystal Keyring
  • Golden Tigers Eye Teardrop Pendant
  • Golden Tigers Eye Crystal Keyring