Products Containing Rose

Rose is an intoxicatingly beautiful, delicate yet powerfully uplifting fragrance with a deep, sweet and floral aroma that restores balance and harmony. Characteristic of roses in bloom it is considered by many the most precious of scents, and has the ability to work on all levels, beginning its influence with the physical body, elevating the mind and penetrating to our innermost being.

  • Arabian Rose Fragrance Oil
  • Morning Star Rose Incense
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  • Rose Geranium Organic Soap Bar
  • Rose Floral Water (100ml)
  • Wild Prairie Rose Native American Incense Sticks
  • Blissful Sleep Organic Roller Ball Fragrance
  • Sensual Organic Roller Ball Fragrance
  • Clearing & Re-Engergising Organic Roller Ball Fragrance
  • Rose Garden Hand Rolled Masala Incense Sticks
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  • Indulgence Massage & Body Oil (100ml)
  • Herb & Earth Rose Incense (20 Sticks)
  • Fresh Rose Dhoop Cones Incense
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  • Natural Rose Incense Sticks
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  • Rose Absolute Pure Essential Oil (2.5ml)