Sandalwood Products

Exotic, evocative balsam, conjuring images of tropical forests and oriental palaces, instilling calm, peace and harmony. It is a truly powerful psychological fragrance with far reaching therapeutic properties, sandalwood is highly recommended for releasing and balancing undesirable negative emotions, and coping with a hectic lifestyle. Particularly supportive and healing to many major body systems, it also combats infection. This oil is a valuable addition to your skin-care routine as it balances and rejuvenates most complexions. 

It's aroma is velvety soft, warm, sweet and woody, the subtle yet lingering fragrance of sandalwood is an exotic, spicy and balsamic oriental delight. 

A particularly effective psychological oil, sandalwood may help release tension, confusion, aggression, grief and lead you toward a place of calm and well-being. It might also aid you in overcoming egocentricity or an obsessive attitude, and is reputedly useful in dealing with self-enforced isolation, by encouraging you to accept others with an open heart and fostering openness, warmth and understanding, and supporting spiritual growth.

Sandalwood trees are held sacred in their native home of Eastern India, and a familiar sight on the trade routes from India to Greece, Rome and Egypt were caravans loaded with sandalwood. One of the oldest known plant materials, history has witnessed over 4,000 years of uninterrupted use. The scent has been in use longer than recorded history as a perfume, and for at least 2,500 years to fight infection. 

The Egyptians used sandalwood for embalming as well as perfume, and it is mentioned in the Nirukta, the oldest known Vedic commentary written in the 5th century BC, and in ancient Sanskrit writings and Chinese books, in relation to its use as an ingredient in cosmetics and medicines. The name is probably derived from the Sanskrit chandana. It has been widely used as incense, especially for religious ceremonies, probably due to its calming effect. 

For thousands of years sandalwood has been highly esteemed all over the East, particularly in India where it is applied in Ayurvedic preparations. The Indians combined it with rose to create their famous perfume, 'Aytar'. It has also been highly valued in China since antiquity, where it has been taken as a remedy since 500AD. 

Traditionally used for skin rejuvenation, yoga and meditation, sandalwood has been found to remove negative programming from cells. In fact yogis describe sandalwood as the fragrance of the subtle body - the centre of highest insight and enlightenment. It is said to awaken the power of kundalini.

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  • Amber & Sandalwood Fragrance Oil
  • Amber & Sandalwood Bath Salt
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  • Mainichi-Koh - Sandalwood (350 Short Sticks)
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