Crystal Palmstones

There's something calming about being able to hold a crystal in your hand – and even more so when it's just the right size. With crystal palm stones and thumbstones you can be sure that you'll be getting a crystal that's the perfect size to hold, either in the palm of your hand or clasped in your fingers. 

The crystals that have been carved to form these palmstones and thumbstones have all been beautifully polished, so they're smooth to touch and wonderfully tactile. You'll enjoy holding these and they're also discreet enough in size and shape to be slipped in your pocket and carried with you. 

The concept of these carved crystal pieces is that you can take the energies and properties of the particular crystal with you, wherever you go. And if you feel stressed, worried or anxious, you can get out your crystal and hold it for as long as you need to. Putting your focus onto the crystal, rather than worrying about how you feel, is a form of mindfulness, and it can help ease unwanted emotions and allow you the chance to calm your body and mind.

  • Amethyst Crystal Palm Stone
  • Black Jasper Crystal Palm Stone
  • Clear Quartz Crystal Palm Stone
  • Golden Tigers Crystal Eye Palm Stone
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Palm Stone
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal Palm Stone
  • Large Labradorite UFO Palm Stone
  • Opalite Crystal Palm Stone
  • Red Jasper Crystal Palm Stone
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Palm Stone
  • Rose Quartz Polished Thumbstone
  • Selenite Palm Stone
  • Shungite Pocket Harmonizers
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