Meaning of Bear & Products with Bear Symbol

The bear hibernates and goes within. Bear energy is the energy that seeks your deepest truths. And with the finding of your truth comes the honey of life - the sweetness that comes with knowing who you truly are. Bear energy helps you to go within and touch the great void where creation and you come from. By entering silence we give ourselves the opportunity to return to the world stronger and wiser. Bear energy is also about taking the courage that to stop thinking is not to die because we are so much more than our thoughts. So take a break, go within yourself and introspect. From the true place of bear we can see that life is like a dream to us and that our deeper self is not so tied with earthly concerns. 

To have with you the symbol of bear is to state your intention to travel within and connect with the places where intuition and "knowing without thinking" are the rulers. Some activities that can help support this connection are meditation, dreaming, long walks by yourself and switching off the television.

  • West Shield Incense Sticks - Introspection Bear
  • Black Obsidian Crystal Bear
  • Osha Root (1 oz / 36 grams)
  • Bear Paw Charm / Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Zuni Bear Pendant (Sterling Silver)
  • Brown Bear Spirit Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Wuud-uht Greeting Card (Birthday)
  • Spring Already Greeting Card (Encouragement)
  • Bear Shield Greeting Card (Blank)
  • Bear Greeting Card (Inspiring Words)