Natural Bath Salts & Aromatherapy Bath Oils

Here you will find our luxurious bath salts and organic bath oils. These are great for creating a luxurious and muscle relaxing experience. Our Organic bath oils are made from natural ingredients and a blend of essential oils that can help with daily moisturizing, and to keep skin looking radiant. 

An aromatic organic bath can relax the mind, hydrate the body and have many health benefits for the skin and body. Our bath salts contain Himalayan Pink, Dead Sea and Brazillian Sea Salt. Sea Salts are known to provide vital nutrients to the skin; with a balance of Magnesium, Calsium Chloride, Potassium and Bromides, they can help improve our skin's metabolism aiding in detoxifying and enhancing your mood.

These are naturally occurring high quality minerals and can help to soften and revitalize the skin, improve circulation and draw out impurities. Bath Salts contain beneficial minerals, and if the salt is overly processed during production, many of these minerals can be lost which is why it's always better to use high quality natural salts such as these.