Herbal First Aid Salves

This is our organic herbal care range that can be used to aid in lots of things including snuffly noses, stiff joints and rashes. Made from natural 90-98% certified organic ingredients and essential oils, they are produced in small hand-made batches, all with the intention to heal. They are made using an olive oil base to ensure a good skin absorption, and they are formulated to be safe, effective and gentle enough for children. The pots themselves are a great size to take with you in your bag or on your travels. 

The herbs and plants used in these salves are grown in an organic garden, on certified organic farms or ethically wild harvested.

  • Beastie Balm (50g)
  • Bliss Sleep Balm (30g)
  • Kuumba Made Organic Breathe Deep Chest Rub
  • Kuumba Made Organic Herbal Healing Salve
  • Kuumba Made Organic Joint Support
  • Kuumba Made Organic Scar Care Salve
  • Kuumba Made Organic Sprain & Strain Recovery
  • Kuumba Made Organic Tender Tendon Salve