Miscellaneous Crystals

Sometimes it's hard to classify everything, which is why we've got a miscellaneous crystals section! This category covers everything else that's crystal related but doesn't quite fit into other categories.  

For example, you'll find products such as unusual stones, mini geodes, platonic solids and scrying mirrors. It's a good category to have a browse of as you never know what new and special piece you might find.  They may be classed as miscellaneous, but they're just as special as the other crystal products we stock!

  • Rainbow Crackled Quartz (Fire & Ice) Polished Point
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  • Lucky Dip - 4 Random Crystals (Seconds, Rejects & Orphan Crystals)
  • Quartz Geode (S, M, L)
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  • Shiva Lingam Stone
  • Selenite Unicorn Horn
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  • Rough Selenite with Polished Point (14 - 15 cm)
  • Mini Gem Card
  • Platonic Solids Sacred Geometry Set in Clear Quartz (5 Piece)