Gem Trees

Gem trees are decorative pieces that are cleverly created from crystals. Most of the gem trees have a crystal base with a wire tree shape fitted onto it. The branches of the trees are adorned with small crystal pieces and chips, usually in a crystal that matches the base.

When they arrive, the branches are folded down so they don't get damaged in transit. You can then unfold them and arrange them in the design you like the most. 

The gem trees are a lovely way to enjoy the crystals you love and make nice gift ideas. Even if you're not green-fingered, this is one type of tree that will be easy to keep growing!

  • Gem Tree - Amethyst (Round Base)
  • Gem Tree - Carnelian (Round Base)
  • Gem Tree - Clear Quartz (Round Base)
  • Gem Tree - Green Aventurine (Round Base)
  • Gem Tree - Rose Quartz (Round Base)