Wolf Products & Wolf Meaning

Wolves howl at the moon. Howling can be seen as finding our own true inner voice, a voice that is untamed by what society thinks. It is a voice that is entirely natural. Wolf is actually quite a feminine symbol. It symbolises a wild, instinctive and passionate nature that is natural. Stories are common in the past of some lone wolves almost magically outwitting hunters. Some of these wolves even became known by specific names because of their notoriety.

Wolves are not naturally aggressive although they can be if called upon. Wolf is about knowing your inner power in such a sure way that you do not need to demonstrate it. It is much like a black belt in karate not needing to go around beating people up, because they know they have a skill and strength that is hidden and ready to be used if called upon. 

Wolves are both family orientated and can be individualistic also just as humans can. Wolves communicate widely within a pack. They have different facial expressions, postures, tail positions and noises that keep the pack together and in order. There is an alpha male and female in each pack but each wolf within the pack has different responsibilities. The wolf is a social animal and different female wolves will aid in the bringing up of the young. If a mother can no longer care for its pup another mother will adopt it. Also wolves will baby-sit for others pups. 

To wear or have near you the symbol of wolf is to howl your deeper nature into existence. As humans we become so conditioned by what society and other people expect of us we can lose touch with our wild nature that wants to be let lose. Wolf helps us connect to this our inner power. The moon represents this deeper hidden side and the howling is the call to bring this part of us forward.

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