Ravynne Phelan Oracle Cards, Journals & Artwork

Born in 1969, Australian alchemist artist and author, Ravyne Michele Phelan, a.k.a. Michele-lee Phelan, came to her artistic career in her early thirties after being diagnosed with depression, forwhich she was prescribed art and writing as a means of therapy and healing. This unusual prescription rekindled a lifelong childhood dream of becoming an artist.

Dedicated to her craft, for the last fifteen years Ravynne (pronounced Raven) has painted on an almost daily basis. Thousands of hours and hundreds of paintings later, many for publishers, self-published authors, and private commission, she now illustrates her own projects and creates divinatory tools for the purpose of helping others become self-aware, creative, expressive, and to reach their potential. She has developed a unique and recognizable style, and creates illustrations that are magical, powerful and evocative, works of art that open the mind and touch the hearts of many. Her original paintings and prints hang on the walls of countless homes, in many different countries, all over the globe.

During this time, Ravynne has also authored and illustrated the Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Messenger Oracle, and Dreams of Magic. She is also the illustrator of Mythic Oracle, written by Carisa Mellado, and is one of several artists who contributed illustrations for Oracle of the Dragonfae by Lucy Cavendish.

  • Divinity Writing & Creativity Journal by Ravynne Phelan
  • I Am: Writing & Creativity Journal by Ravynne Phelan
  • Seek: Writing & Creativity Journal by Ravynne Phelan
  • Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan
  • The Dreamer's Story: Tarot Journal by Ravynne Phelan
  • Messenger Oracle by Ravynne Phelan
  • Seeker Oracle by Ravynne Phelan