Pure Essential Oils - Professional Quality

This section contains Holisticshop's own brand of essential oils and Natural by Nature's Organic Essential Oils. There are many different grades of essential oil on the market. For example you can get a cheaper lavender oil with a slightly sharper smell or you can get high alpine lavender which many therapists consider to be superior. When we buy our oils we always buy the higher quality oils and we go for essential oils that have a softer character, which characterises our collection. We buy direct and label ourselves which means you pay less. Our oils are all 100% pure concentrated, apart from jasmine, neroli and rose which we sell as a dilution because of the otherwise high cost to you.

We price these oils so professional aromatherapists can buy direct from us without minimum order charges. By catering for aromatherapists we know that members of the public who buy from us should also be kept happy. Oils can be used for massage when blended with carrier oils, can be burnt in oils burners when mixed with water, can be added as drops to your bath or in other ways too. Here are a few articles that may help:
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