Crystal Hearts & Gemstone Hearts

Crystal hearts are hand carved pieces made from a variety of naturally sourced crystals and gemstones. Hearts are associated with love and romance, but can also be used in healing and energy work to enhance your connection with yourself and boost feelings of self-care and love.  

The crystal hearts are polished and smooth to the touch, making them pieces you will naturally want to hold in your hand and touch. If you love working with crystals, these are special pieces that can be used in crystal healing work. They're also lovely to use as decorative crystals, or could be used as a special paperweight on a desk. 

Try and be intuitive and choose a heart made from the crystal you feel most in tune with. Your choice may surprise you, but it may be a crystal that you could benefit from.

  • Baby Rose Quartz Crystal Heart
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Heart
  • Green Aventurine Crystal Heart
  • Opalite Crystal Heart
  • Hematite Crystal Heart
  • Howlite Crystal Heart
  • Red Jasper Crystal Heart
  • Golden Tigers Eye Crystal Heart
  • Unakite Crystal Heart
  • Blue Goldstone Crystal Heart
  • Sodalite Crystal Heart
  • Brown Goldstone Crystal Heart